Prescription Drug Discount Cards

Millions of Americans should pay top dollar for medications since they have no prescription insurance or it isn’t part of a sizable organization that gives their employees which has a comprehensive health insurance plan that features prescription drug coverage. The people that could afford it minimal are charged probably the most. In fact, over 48 million Americans do not have health insurance.

If about to catch insured or your health care insurance does not cover medications, the most effective alternative is really a prescription drug discount card. In some cases prepaid cards are more effective than many insurance policy or at least more comprehensive because they provide discounts on medications not covered by insurance policy. In fact, they feature discounts on every prescription drug licensed by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. That obviously includes any drug your personal doctor may prescribe. Smoking cessation medications, sexual potency and diabetes supplies are degrees of medications who are not normally protected by insurance but they can be obtained at reduced rates by presenting the credit card to your pharmacist. If your insurance requires high co-pays, ask the pharmacist when the drug card could help you save money. That is sometimes the way it is. And let’s remember about the Medicade “donut hole.” You can use they while you are within it.

Many people require costly medications. Obtaining insurance plan can become a life threatening problem and/or costly when there can be a pre-existing condition. Discount cards can help to conserve up to 85% on drugs at over 80% in the pharmacies inside the United States and averages 15% on manufacturers and 55% on generics. These cards works extremely well over and over by all family and friends; everyone qualifies.

Organizations like National Benefits Builders Inc. (highest possible rating through the Better Business Bureau of A+) through their Community Assistance Program have negotiated these discounts with all the pharmaceutical firms that manufacture the drugs. Over the past 5 years practically every one from the pharmaceutical companies have enrolled in the program. They can afford to. In the annual Fortune 500 survey, the pharmaceutical industry topped this list of essentially the most profitable industries, using a return of 17% on revenue. The high price of prescription medications is one with the major regions of discussion inside U.S. medical care reform debate. Over 80% with the pharmacies inside the U.S. have fallen in line too. They are aware that many with the drug card distributers offer a prescription “look up” capability on the web sites that will permit anyone to locate local pharmacies and price their medications at each and every pharmacy. Many people are ignorant that there is usually significant price differences between pharmacies. Shop the pharmacies and save all the more money. Hopefully, because the public catches on, the competitive factors will bring about lower pharmacy mark ups.

The process is very easy with many distributors. Their internet sites will allow you to print your card. It doesn’t even have to be printed on card stock. Plain paper work just at the same time. It is the Rx bin number and Rx group number that offer the discounts. Just hand it for a pharmacist once you pick up your prescription and computer will determine your savings.

The point is almost everyone who visits a physician will find a questionnaire for these credit cards at some point in time. There is also a separate card for the pets. The cards are free of charge. You just give you a space on your bottom line so that the the next time you are leaving the doctor’s office all night directly on the pharmacy, you don’t need to wonder if you have saved money if you had the credit card to present towards the pharmacist.


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