7 Excellent Tips To Save Money On Prescription Drugs!

In today’s tough economic times many Americans have trouble affording their medications. The cost of healthcare is leading consumers to scrimp. As a result, individuals are doing things which are dangerous.

A recent survey by Consumer Reports discovered that 28% of Americans have got steps for instance not filling prescriptions, skipping dosages, cutting pills in two without the approval of these doctor, and in many cases sharing prescriptions using a friend.

Prices for prescription medications have skyrocketed in the past. In 2005 for instance, Americans spent $200.7 billion dollars on prescribed drugs. But by 2010, Americans spent $307.4 billion dollars on prescription medications. That’s over $100 billion more in mere five years.

If you believe you’re not affected out there price increases since your insurance covers drugs, you better think again. In 2002, Consumer Reports found out that 65% on the drugs they surveyed were mostly or entirely insured by insurance. But by 2008 that figure only agreed to be 33%, about 50 % of, and yes it continues to decrease.

The nice thing about it is, you’ll find easy methods for everyone to economize on drugs. Here are 7 excellent tips.

1. Ask your physician whether we have a generic that will work equally well.

It’s amazing the amount of money you can save as a result. If there is no generic that can work for your problem, inquire if there might be a less-expensive brand available. The bottom line is, ask your personal doctor if you can find other options that may cost you less.

2. Review your medications with your personal doctor.

You might be taking medicines it is not necessary. Some people see several doctor, along with the doctors don’t speak to one another as to what they’re prescribing. So, here’s something might help. Bring your medications in your favorite doctor and say- “Do I need to be taking these?”

Also, please talk to your physician about drug prices. Because with the bad economic times at the moment, doctors have grown to be more knowledgeable about conserving money for their patients.

3. Ask the pharmacist for less-expensive alternatives.

If you didn’t i believe answer from your personal doctor, ask the pharmacist whether there exists a less-expensive drug it is possible to take, just like the one your physician prescribed.

4. Use catalog shopping to get your medications.

This is a really good way to economize if you’re more comfortable with it. Of course, this won’t work if you want medications immediately. For example, if you’d like antibiotics to have an infection. But, teleshopping can work well for medicines you have to take long-term.

5. Be worried about free samples, even ones you observe on TV.

It looks like a great idea for getting free samples. But that of a lot of folks don’t know is, samples in many cases are for the most expensive drugs available on the market. Yes, the sample may help you to get a month or two. But from then on, you will have to start spending a lot of money to keep obtaining the medication.

The same applies for the free samples you obtain from TV commercials. They tend to be for pricey drugs. Even if your medical professional prescribes these medications, they’re expensive. And just which means you know, a few of these drugs are faulty any better than cheaper alternatives.

6. Split your drugs, but take care.

Sometimes you undoubtedly can save money by asking your personal doctor to dictate a double dosage of an drug and splitting the pills by 50 percent. But be mindful. There are safe and unsafe approaches to split drugs, and many drugs won’t be split. Also, you are able to ask your medical professional for a single pill that includes a higher strength.

7. If you don’t have insurance, look around.

Pharmacies sometimes charge unique prices to the same drugs. So look around. It’s not hard. Make some messages or calls. Call several pharmacies in the area. You can also carry out some online research. By comparing prices there are the best deal.


If you are looking to save money on prescription drugs you should consider signing up for a PHSP or HSA account.

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